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Client Marketing Assistance

CONGRATULATIONS!! Your product is tested, lab verified, and the Brix Certified mark sits proudly on its label ready for your market to see....a product they can consume with confidence because the label confirms the rigorous test of integrity!  Its time to share the good news, increase market awareness and gain market share. 

The Brix marketing team will help share the good news and bring awareness of your newly certified product(s) through: 

  • Press Releases & Market Awareness Strategies

  • Post your company/product(s) certification on the Client Profile page of the Brix Certified website (to include 3rd party verification)

  • Label Mark Integrity Validation.

This value added service is offered at no extra charge.  We believe that verified quality products need a voice and we are here to help share your message!

If you haven't yet submitted an application for Brix Certification, click on the link below.

 Application Form

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