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Our own Dr. Ann de Wees Allen , Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute, joins Jeff Krushell, founder of Krush Performance, to lead a monthly discussion on The Science Of Sweetness.


The Science of Sweetness (podcast) series investigates how nutrition impacts the body and brain. Everything we eat and drink influences our overall performance in every way. Low fat, 

high fat, high protein, no protein, carbohydrates, raw sugar, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, no sugar, everything ingested matters. How you ask? It's cause and effect....everything ingested ignites a metabolic response and with each response, there is an impact to the body and brain, good or not so good. It’s our passion to shine light on The Science Of Sweetness, what it means to you, and as a result, live a life fully for you and your family!

Each podcast will have a central focus according to what you want to know...we love to hear from our 

listeners! So, please write to us at We are glad you are here and invite you to join us monthly for The Science of Sweetness podcast series; it's educational, inspirational, and certainly entertaining as we help you discover The Science of Sweetness.

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Podcast Episodes
Krush Performance: The Science Of Sweetness 

06/09/2021   I    74 min        Latest Episode

In this inaugural episode of The Science Of Sweetness, Jeff Krushell is joined by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen  , Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute. Listen to this high energy, science packed conversation about how food we eat and drink influence our body, brain, and overall performance. 

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